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B&W Multifunction
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Savin - B&W Multifunction
Savin Black & White Multifunction systems simplify the office environment by providing a wide range of document processing options all from one location. Print, copy, fax, and scanning functions can all be handled by the same system, eliminating the need for multiple machines. Savin offers systems with a variety of features suited to the corporate department, workgroup or small business. Models range from compact units that combine copying and faxing functions to full-featured systems with high-volume duplication, printing and high definition image scanning capabilities.
Copy Print Scan Fax
920SPF 21 Yes Yes Yes Yes
MP 2501SP 25 Yes Yes Yes Yes
MP 2555 25 Yes Yes Yes Yes
2001 SP 20 Yes Yes Yes Yes
MP 3055 30 Yes Yes Yes Yes
MP 3555 35 Yes Yes Yes Yes
MP 4055 40 Yes Yes Yes Yes
MP 5055 50 Yes Yes Yes Yes
MP 6055 SP 60 Yes Yes Yes Yes
MP 6503 65 Yes Yes Yes Yes
IM 7000 70 Yes Yes Yes Yes
IM 8000 80 Yes Yes Yes Yes
IM 9000 90 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pro 8310S 111 Yes Yes Yes
Pro 8320S 136 Yes Yes Yes Yes
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Savin - B&W Multifunction