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Color Multifunction
In today's business environment, communication is everything, and nothing gets your message across like full color documents and graphics. Savin Color Multifunction systems put the power of full color communications in your hands with efficiency, reliability and simplicity. Production of high-powered color communications has never been easier, whether your project is an annual report or an employee bulletin.
MODELPrinter Speed
Color (ppm)
Printer Speed
B/W (ppm)
Paper Size
SP C252SF21218.5" x 14"
C9020SPF202012" x 18"
MP C2003202012" x 18"
SP C242SF22228.5" x 14"
C2525spf252512" x 18"
GX3000s29298.5" x 14"
GX3000sf29298.5" x 14"
MP C2503252512" x 18"
C3030spf303012" x 18"
MP C3002303012" x 18"
MP C3003303012" x 18"
MP C30531318.5" x 14"
MP C3502353512" x 18"
MP C3503353512" x 18"
C3535spf353512" x 18"
MP C40142428.5" x 14"
MP C4502454512" x 18"
MP C4502A454512" x 18"
MP C4503454512" x 18"
MP C5502555512" x 18"
MP C5502A555512" x 18"
MP C5503555512" x 18"
MP C6003606012" x 18"
MP C6502656513" x 19.2"
MP C8002656513" x 19.2"
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Color Multifunction