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Hotel guests come from all walks of life. Whether they are traveling for business or pleasure, they all carry some form of mobile device. While many hotels' business centers are equipped with printers that are connected directly to desktop PCs, this causes a problem when guests want to print from their laptops, smartphones or tablets.

Help solve the problem with Ricoh HotSpot Printing. Guests enjoy the privacy of their own rooms. Why would they want to view and print personal documents and information where everyone can see? With a Ricoh HotSpot Printer/MFP in a lobby or meeting room, guests can print and access confidential documents from the cloud with a secure release code, anywhere, any time.

Best of all, guests no longer have to use clip drives or disconnect hotel cables and connect them to their laptops to print. Ricoh HotSpot Printing helps avoid potential network security risks for hotels and unwanted drivers or software being downloaded on guests' devices.

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